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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Nigerian man Explains what his mother did after she caught him ma$turbating

Nigerian man reveals what his mother did after she caught him ma$turbating

A Twitter user has taken to the platform to reveal the hilarious conversation he had with his mother after she caught him ma$turbating.
According to the young man, his mom caught him ma$turbating and advised him to go an marry before he will end up raping female folks on the family.
@dammie_king wrote:
“Afterround of Ma$turbating & i heard my mom voice behind D window tellin me…why dont u go & marry, cause you will end up raping us 1 day”

Man catches cheating wife & lover after trailing her to their s3x spot (Video)

Man catches cheating wife & lover after trailing her to their s3x spot (Video)
A cheating wife was caught red handed after being trailed by her own husband. It was gathered that the married woman has been having an affa!r with another man in Karonga District of Malawi, without the husband’s being suspicious.
According to reports, some of the husband’s friends tipped him off about his wife’s affa!r and told him where she often meets with her lover. It was revealed that the cheating couple used to have s*x at a friend’s house in the area.

Yesterday, the wife sneaked out to have s*x with her lover not knowing she was followed. They waited for some minutes and were starting the action when the husband and his friends banged into the room and caught them red handed.
The husband and his friends beat the woman’s lover as they dragged both of them in public to hum!liate them.
The incident happened around 3.00 pm on Monday, 11 February 2019 (yesterday).
Watch the video of the incident below.

“If we want to catch up with the changing trends, we have to wear seduct!ve dresses”– Ghanaian singer (Photos)

Ghanaian singer, Sista Afia has stated that she sees nothing wrong in wearing seduct!ve dresses as an entertainer. She made this statement in response to Akosua Agypong who slammed female celebrities who wear clothes that reveal too much flesh. According to her, their managers are to blame.

Speaking in Hitz FM, Akosua Agypong said:

“The funny thing is those dresses do not make the popularity last. Because if you don’t respect yourself, no one will respect you.”

Reacting to her statement, Sista Afia says her manager has no much say concerning her dress code.

“I can wear something to perform but he’ll let the stylist put more covering to it. I’m a performer, its all part of it. So we shouldn’t wear seduct!ve dresses,.

“We have moved beyond the era where people wear things to cover up all in the name of appearing decent.

“We are not in those ages no more, this is like a different era, a different breeze. If we want to catch up [to the changing trends of the society] there are so many things we have a lot to do.”

Monkey kidnaps 2-year-old boy from his home so he could have someone to play with (Video)

Monkey kidnaps 2-year-old boy from his home so he could have someone to play with (Video)
A monkey kidnapped a two-year-old boy from his home in India so it could have someone to play with and it refused to give the boy back to his family.

In a video shared online, the monkey can be seen playing with the boy by the roadside. The monkey is seen at a point trying to remove something from the child’s hair.
A woman sees the baby and can be seen approaching to save the baby, but the monkey hugs the baby repeatedly and refuses to let it go.
As the woman tried to take the child, the monkey hugged the boy and refused to let the woman take him along with her. When the woman saw that her attempts to retrieve the boy from the primate wasn’t working, she retreated to assess her options.

The baby is thought to have been taken from a house in Haryana, India. There have been other incidents of babies being stolen by monkeys in India.
In another incident, a monkey entered a house in India and pinned a baby on the floor as family members of the child confronted it and prevented it from fleeing with the child.
The monkey tried to escape with the child several times but members of the family circled it and aborted its plans. Also, last year, a newborn baby was found drowned in a well after being snatched away by a monkey.
The monkey had mistakenly dropped the baby in the well as it slipped out of the hands of the ape and fell into the well.
Watch the video below:

Man wrongly accused of being a thief burnt to death in Lagos (Video)

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to narrate how her colleague, identified as Temitope Adeoye a.k.a Sodiq, was allegedly burnt to death after he was wrongly accused of being a thief in Lagos state.
According to the young lady, said that Sodiq had just gotten to his bus-stop and was about to pay the motorcycle that will take him home when some boys in the area started shouting thief and pointing at him.
As he attempted to clarify himself, he was roughhandled, beaten up, stabbed and then set ablaze. He left behind a pregnant girlfriend.
”This is the picture of TEMITOPE ADEOYE,his Facebook handle is (A KAN JI) he is my colleague at work apapa tincan island port, was coming from work when someone people point him as thief he was burn to death instantly his mother died last December and his girlfriend is heavily pregnant pls justice sodique justice for his family it happened last night along cele ijesha road
In another post, the heartbreaken colleague of the deceased wrote
”His name is SODIQ he is a clearing agent at apapa tincan island port he was going home last nite along cele ijesha road he dropped to pay the bike man when some guys out of nowhere started shouting thief thief thief he ran that he is not a thief but they caught him and started beating stabbing him till he was tired to move they remove his wristwatch his two phones and they set him on fire the fellow colleague went to ijesha police station to report but nothing was done the friend that escape went to report but they detain him and transfer him to panti in yaba he was burnt to ashes and nothing was done till two of the criminals went to the station to report and they found his wristwatch and phone on them they are still at panti pls help repost till the Nigerian police will see this we want Justice for SODIQ
Watch a video she shared showing the charred remains of Temitope below;
Video Player
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