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Sunday, August 04, 2019

Nigeria FilmMaker / Black Speculative Arts Movement, National Director Emmanuel Ikenna Nwani Set To Host Dr Reynaldo Anderson ( Executive Director / Co - Founder, BSAM ) & International Team Members At AfroFuturism 2.0 Lagos Nigeria

Mr Emmanuel Ikenna Nwani ( National Director, Black Speculative Arts Movement, BSAM ) is set to host Dr Reynaldo Anderson ( Executive Director / Co - Founder, BSAM ) & International Team Members at the second edition of AFROFUTURISM  2.0 slated to take place on the 3rd , August 2019.

Venue : Pesken Hotel, Shonibare Estate,  Kingsway Bus Stop Ikeja Lagos

Time : 10am Prompt

Gate Fee :  Free


Black Speculative Arts Movement, BSAM is an international network of artists, curators, intellectuals and activists; a travelling art, comic and film conversion; black future,  black lives,  black politics.

BSAM was coined by a visual artist, John Jennings. The movement drew upon the previous works of writers and thinkers; Sheree Renee Thomas, Nnedi Okorafor and Octavia Butler.
BSAM is an umbrella that covers different points of engagement and sometimes overlap, like magical realism black science fiction, Afrofuturism, Sword and soul Afro-Surealism.

BSAM is spiritual mother of Afrofuturism with roots in 19th century discourses around antislavery revolutionary practices, science, etc

Speculative refers to the power of imagination first, to free people from oppression. We call it speculative because before you actually physically pursue freedom or build a better future, you have to imagine it first; it always starts with the imagination. The way you imagine freedom or a better future or life will start from imagination.

Afrofuturism is a cultural aesthetic, philosophy of science, philosophy of history that explains the developing intersection of African diaspora culture with technology (coined by Markdery). "A race of theory. "

Afrofuturism address themes and concerns of the African diaspora through techno-culture and science fiction.

Afrofuturism 2.0 (the rise of Astro-blackness) coined by Alondra Nelson and Dr.  Reynaldo Anderson.

Dr.  Reynaldo Anderson is an associate professor of communication and chair of the humanities department at Harris-Stove State University in St. Louis Missouri, USA,  serves as an executive board member of the Mission Arts Council, the co-editor of the book,  Afrofuturism 2.0 (The rise of Astro-blackness), the cosmic underground ie Grimoire of black speculative discontent.

Afrofuturism 2,0 acknowledges its development as an emerging Pan-African social philosophy characterized by dimensions including metaphysics, aesthetics, theoretical and applied sciences,  social sciences and programming. The Black Panther represents a mash-up of these dimensions in popular cinematic format.

The impact of Black Speculative Arts Movement (BSAM) in the Nigeria Entertainment industry is to promote, develop and propogate movies, art and intellectual work of black people to the world.


Dr Reynaldo Anderson
( Executive Director / Co - Founder)

Sheree Renee Thomas
( Two Times World Award Winning Editor, Writer & Poet)

Soror Jazzmine Nolan
( Business Consultant )

Kamil Oshundare
( Cultural Executive, Monkey Von Production )

Chioma Igwe
( Project Manager )

Emmanuel Ikenna Nwani
( National Director, Black Speculative Arts Movement, BSAM )

Adetoun Kuppers Adebisi
( President AFROTAK TV cybernords & Federal Board Member Of African Network Germany Tang )

Michael Kuppers Adebisi
( Writer, Philosopher, The Black German Academic Arts & Media )

David Kirkman
( Writer,  Director STATIC )

Mazi Emeka Okoye 
( Logistics / Welfare Officer )

Judith Ejiofor 
( Producer/Writer 
Coordinator/ Media & Publicity )


Tonia Nwosu
( Veteran Nollywood Actress )

Ijeoma Richards
( President, Nollywood Creative Minds Forum, NCMF )

Tony Akposheri 
( Veteran Nollywood Producer, Director & Actor)

Tommy Oyewole 
( Veteran Nollywood Actor )

Anne Njemanze 
( Veteran Nollywood Actress & Producer)

Gloria Okafor 
( Veteran Nollywood Producer )

Bukky Thomas
( Vice President, Nollywood Creative Minds Forum, NCMF , Actress & Producer )

Oge Okoye
( Veteran Nollywood Actress & Producer )

Keppy Ekpenyoung Bassey
( Nollywood Veteran Actor, Board Member Video Censor Board )

Nuela Njibigbo Chikere 
( Nollywood Actress & Producer )

Chris Iheuwa 
( Vice Chairman, AGN Nollywood , Veteran Actor & Producer )

Stella Mams 
( Secretary,  Nollywood Creative Minds Forum & Actress )


Prof. Chigozie Nnabuihe  (professor in igbo language, department of Arts & Linguistic, university of Lagos) - Arts & Culture

Dr. Aina - General Art

Keppy Ekpenyong - Acting For Tv / Stage

Tony Akposheri - Tv production/directing

 Kingsley Omoefe - film production / film budgeting


Judith Ejiofor - Writer

Ann Njemanze - Film maker

Ikenna /Fanon Dore - Animation/CGI Artistes

Stone Amauche - Arts & Culture

Chioma Igwe / Ngozi Nwaneto - Culture

Ijeoma Richards - Ethics /Acting skills.

Michael Kuppers Adebisi Afrotak-TV


HOTLINE: 08149055081 , 08034940556
INSTAGRAM: iyknovski
This event is proudly supported by Nollywood Creative Minds Forum
Judith Ejiofor 
Coordinator/ Media & Publicity
Black Speculative Arts Movement (BSAM)

At The Early Stage Of My Career, I Never Had A Laptop – BoomAfricaTV Interview With “Hitsound”

BoomAfricaTV-We want to know you better. Who is Hitsound ?
My name is Joshua Abba Jeremiah (Born November 11) Better known for Stage name HitSound, I’m a Nigerian Music Producer & Disk Jockey popularly known for the tag “Josh made that HitSound, Baby”, at the beginning or end of all my music productions.
How did you start producing and what gave you the motivation to stay with it?
I started Producing at the age of 14, I grew up in a Music Oriented home so making music was Awesome. I stick to music because it’s a Lifestyle i grew up knowing.
With all the music producers in the world,what made you think that you were still going to be successful in this field?
This is simply because a career doesn’t just succeed without determination.
I believe in my Sound.
Did you have any doubts in your mind that you weren’t going to be successful?
Not at all. I’ve always worked hard on my craft.
If so,what did you do to prevent yourself from giving up?
I kept hoping, working & Praying.
How long did it take you roughly to start excelling with your career?
Roughly 6years of intense Internet research and Downloads of turorials.
How did you build contacts and/or clients?
Basically off Youtube & Instagram interactions. I’m much grateful to Youtube.
What are some of the biggest mental tools you can obtain to be successful in this field?
God, Work & Consistency! That’s the only weapon that have been Keeping me
How many times have you fallen down, so to speak,and had to get back up and get yourself motivated again to continue?
Haha’ Over and over again. It’s inevitable.
If there was one word you could use to explain your experience so far while working as a music producer, what would it be?
If you can come up withh one habit that could possibly ruin or stall a person’s career, what would that downfall be?
Introduction of Drugs & Intoxicants.
Maintaining a successful career takes a lot of work and committment,how much time do you dedicate towards your work?
I dedicate atleast 8hours-12Hours a day.
Where there any past times you indure the most and why?
At the Early stage of my career i never had a Laptop. Borrowed Different Laptops for 4years to raise Funds. I always had the feeling that someday it’ll be Great.
Have you ever had to relocate in order to gain more business?
Yes, I had to leave my home in Katsina for Abuja in 2015 were it all began.
Whats steps did you take to advertise and get your business out to the people?
I started making remakes and Freebeats.
Have you ever embarrassed yourself? If so, how did you overcome the incident?
I can’t really recall. Haha’
There are times in a career when life isn’t going your way, how do you keep your mind on your work without losing focus?
I listen to Good music and watch videos on how to be like the people i admire in the industry.
Have there ever been a time where you haven’t gotten your work done on time? If so,how did you deal with it?
Yeah, So many cases, Producers are to develop Communication skills that will allow them explain with ease. It’s all about understanding
What goals did you have set before you started your career?
That i will be the greatest in my field.
What did you have to sacrifice to make your business happen?(hobbies,etc)
I sacrificed my time & Energy to focus on what’s important.
Is there any additional advice you can give me to help along the way to a successful career?
Believe in God’s Grace. Work hard & be Delightful in consistency.
How do you find your customers?
Mostly Youtube & Instagram
Last but not least, what trade publications did you use to keep you on top of your craft?
Blog promotions of my beats. Regular interactions & Uploads on Facebook, Youtube & Instagram.

‘Don’t kill mosquitoes, they need blood to feed their kids’ – Animal-rights activist says

'Don’t kill mosquitoes, they need blood to feed their kids' - Animal-rights activist says

An animal-rights activist is urging people not to kill mosquitoes, but instead to let the insects bite them.
Aymeric Caron, who is also a French TV presenter, says the insects suck human blood to obtain protein for their eggs and should not be swatted in the prcoess.
He said that killing mosquitoes is “embarrassing for anti-specists who realise they are being attacked by a mother trying to nourish her children,” according to the Independent .
Anti-specists are people who argue that all species should be treated equally.
Mr Caron, who describes himself as an anti-specist, says he always allows himself to be bitten by mosquitoes, except in Africa, where there is a risk of catching malaria.
In a video, he said: “One can consider that a blood donation from time to time to an insect who is only trying to nourish her children is not a drama.”
But British animal protection workers have said his comments are “a step too far” and “an unhelpful distraction”.
Caron also said it was better to use natural mosquito repellents like citronella, lavender oil or garlic, to wash regularly and avoid using perfumes.

Movie Director Almost Raped Me – Actress Juliet Ibrahim

Ghanaian Actress Juliet Ibrahim has revealed how she escaped sexual assault from unnamed movie director when she was introduced to acting.
Ibrahim who spoke on BBC Pidgin talk show “Question Till Mouth Pain You” said the movie director held her hand after she walked past him and asked her to ‘look at what you are doing to me’.
She said that by the time she looked down, she saw that the movie director already had an erection, but that she immediately ran away.

Toyin Lawani Grabs Princess Shyngle’s Ass In New Raw Picture

elebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani has continued to tension her followers by sharing another raunchy photo of herself and Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle posing together.
In the new photo, the mother of two was pictured grabbing Shyngle’s backside as they both held tightly to each other.
See the picture below:-


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