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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Number one person creating problems in this country is Obasanjo – Oba Akiolu

The number one person creating problems in this country is Obasanjo - Oba Akiolu

The Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu, has depicted previous President Olusegun Obasanjo as the most inconvenient individual in Nigeria.

Akiolu who has after some time had spats with the previous president, said this when he met with members of the senior official course (41) of the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) who paid him an obligingness visit at his castle in Lagos yesterday Wednesday, May fifteenth.

The ruler while thinking about the result of the 2019 general race, scolded Obasanjo for battling fervently against the re-appointment of President Buhari whom he depicted as God's decision for Nigeria.

"I had said that Buhari would win even before the race, sadly, the main individual making issues in this nation is previous president Obasanjo. He arrogated to himself the forces of the Almighty Allah by saying it was the help he provided for Buhari that made him win the main term.

"Obasanjo said Buhari would not win the second term, however did Buhari not win? Did I not state Obasanjo will be frustrated when the outcomes were declared. The president's triumph unmistakably indicates control has a place with God just and no man can choose who drives the nation."

Asking Nigerians to help the president, Akiolu said the issues of weakness, joblessness and different difficulties of the nation would be better handled if residents held hands with government to address them.

He additionally exhorted Atiku Abubakar, presidential hopeful of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), to drop his argument against Buhari's triumph at the presidential survey.

He said Atiku's case will add up to nothing toward the day's end, including that he firmly trusted Buhari had the manadate of Nigerians and would complete his term in office.

"On the off chance that anybody of you here is near Atiku, reveal to him he can never prevail in what he is doing now," he said.

"Buhari will finish his term in office, however Buhari too needs to listen to.the individuals, petition God and be straightforward in what he is doing."

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Christians who watch Game of Thrones are going to Hell - Man says

A Ghanaian man distinguished as Victor Eghan, took to internet based life to give reasons why Christians who watch Game of Thrones are going to Hell 

Peruse his reasons underneath. 


"Dear Game of Thrones fans (say's identity Christians), it would be ideal if you pardon me ahead of time. I'm not a devotee of GOT. Just viewed a couple of scenes years prior. In any case, I went over certain insights and realities that may intrigue you. 

Fascinating Stats: 

❌865 passings 

❌17 assaults (counting endeavored ones) 

❌144 scenes of exposed individuals (with 83.7% being ladies) 

Fascinating Facts: 

❌In 2016, HBO was in a fight in court with the pornography site, PornHub, over the site's utilization of explicitly express clasps from GAME OF THRONES, which HBO states breaks their copyright of the substance. 

❌According to information from PornHub, the site saw a 4% drop in rush hour gridlock (that is, a drop of about 2.4 million watchers) amid Game of Thrones' season 6 debut back in April. The site saw comparable traffic plunges throughout the following a month when new scenes circulated, recommending that individuals are, apparently, watching the show rather than pornography. 

❌There are a LOT of pornography stars in Game Of Thrones. Jessica Jenson and Samantha Bentley, victor of the Adult Video News Award for Best Group Sex Scene, have both played whores on the show. Australian novice pornography on-screen character Aeryn Walker was additionally given a role as one of Craster's numerous spouses. While Sibel Kekilli, who has played Shae likewise featured in pornos previously. 

Dear Christian and Game of Thrones fan, is this the sort of substance you need to fill your psyche with? The end result for Philippians 4:8? Is this the sort of things you need your girl or child to take part in? Assault, murder, and impropriety? 

In case you're so appended to Game of Thrones that you're getting irate with me, at that point who are you loving? GOD or GOT? One letter has a major effect. What's more, that one letter change can have a major effect when you remain before GOD on that day."

We sell corpses bath water to pastors for N500,000 – Mortuary worker

We offer cadavers shower water to ministers for N500,000 – Mortuary workerDead body water, as indicated by a morgue chaperon in Ghana, is being obtained by certain ministers in the nation for as much as N500,000. 

In a report by Yen Gh, a female funeral home specialist was found in a video describing how the water is in intense interest. 

As indicated by the woman whose character was concealed, the ministers pay as much as GH₵7,000, for the water, and some of the time they even have deficiency. 

She clarified that some relatives like to have their bodies washed at the funeral home, and this is the water that the ministers come to purchase. 

She said when the floor is wiped, the cleaners crush the filthy water out and keep it in containers which the ministers seek in camouflage. 

Depicting it as a 'side occupation', the funeral home laborer admitted to do this business so as to win more cash, clarifying that the work in itself does not bring them much. 

"Indeed, even at this our activity we don't get much from it. Yet, with this, occasionally we can't fulfill up with the need from the ministers. We more often than not come up short on water" 

She, be that as it may, did not make reference to the names of the ministers and the holy places, maybe, inspired by a paranoid fear of being defrauded. 

"The ministers purchase the water, it is in intense interest. At the point when the cleaners mop the floor after a cadaver is washed, they crush the grimy water into holders which the ministers come to purchase," the woman described. 

The water is being utilized by the ministers who belittle it to perform supernatural occurrences in their houses of worship. 

"A large portion of these ministers utilize the water to perform supernatural occurrences for individuals from their congregation" she said

I don’t want people to cry at my grave - Fadeyi Oloro cries out

Well known Yoruba entertainer, Fadeyi Oloro, is wiped out and needing therapeutic consideration. The entertainer, who is down with complexities coming about because of tuberculosis and by and by remaining in Ado-Odo, Ogun State, far from the buzz encompassing him, talks on his condition of wellbeing and different issues.

There have been bunches of reports on your demise?

Emi mama re o (this is me). I am not dead o.

How are you feeling?

I am not alright, that is on the grounds that I have depleted all the cash with me for treatment. This isn't my home. It was the point at which the entire thing began that my family conveyed me here to stay under the radar. I used to remain at Meiran, Lagos State. What's more, I have been connecting with the general population, however I needed to confront my God. I dislike this previously, I couldn't walk. Be that as it may, I am better at this point. At this moment, I don't have enough cash for the treatment I need. I can't work right now; my shoulder, hand and legs are not reacting great. I can't remain alone, I am generally helped at whatever point I need to stand or utilize my walk(ing) stick as help. I am simply begging my fans and sweethearts to proceed and defend support, a few people have attempted, however I need progressively monetary help.

For what reason would you say you are simply connecting with people in general?

I would not like to at first since I thought it was something I could deal with. I was paying for my medications and treatment without anyone else's input. It is on the grounds that I don't have the limit any longer that is making me connect with the general population. I sold my vehicle however the cash was insufficient, and I ended up impeded. That was the point at which I connected with general society for help.

When did the affliction begin?

It was around five years back on the off chance that I am not erring.

You are contacting people in general for help however what precisely isn't right with you?

My specialist is the one in the correct position to determine what the infirmity is. He has been talking about with some remote specialists on my case. I have been dealt with, however there is no distinction. On the off chance that there is cash, the illness is something that can be treated here in Nigeria. There will be no compelling reason to squander cash voyaging abroad for treatment.

Could this be a profound assault, being a conspicuous on-screen character?

I can't generally say. I have been told not to take any home grown medication, with the exception of the medications being given to me at the facility. What's more, with the manner in which things are, the medications are not functioning true to form. At this point, I ought to walk unassisted. Furthermore, I have talked about this with my specialist; I was given medications, yet no changes.

Have you considered all you depicted as maturing side effects?

Reason me, I am a young fellow. I am not old.

What is the following thing for you?

I intend to keep seeing my specialist. In any case, I need to likewise think about elective treatment now; herbs. I am not feeling fine. I just begun talking and I dislike this previously. In the event that I can be strolling unassisted and the pieces of my body that are not reacting great return to their ordinary condition, I will be alright.

What do you need from the general population and have your associates connected?

No, I haven't gotten notification from them. What's more, I don't accuse them. They did likewise to Baba Suwe and Alabi Yellow. Why should I whine? It was the point at which I saw that I may color that I shouted to the general population.

You are a known entertainer, yet for what reason is getting help taking so much time?

Indeed, I am a known entertainer and I have worked with such a large number of government officials while acting. In the event that I could walk, I could have gotten into my vehicle and gone to meet them. Yet, I don't have a vehicle any longer. There is no government official that I will remain in his essence and will say he can't remember me. I have additionally quit creating motion pictures as well, as a result of the market we have. Motion pictures are never again sold out at the advertiser's places.

For what reason did you quit creating?

I had quit creating around five years prior as a result of the high rate of robbery at that point. And furthermore no one could pay my cash, much the same as any semblance of Jide Kosoko, Taiwo Hassan. We are just being called to enable them to include in motion pictures. What's more, since I was so energetic about my activity, and the name I needed to make, I had no real option except to support them. Some would come and state they need to pay me 50,000 or 100,000 for seven days work. Also, I am a socialite.

Before I leave area, I have individuals who will come that they need to eat and it is out of that cash that I will provide for them. What number of individuals do we advise this to? In any case, the activity proceeds. The market was what really made me to quit working. It is my very own activity that I can say is working for me. I call individuals to come on set and I pay them off. What's more, you can't expect somebody like me to deliver a motion picture with N500,000. On the off chance that I battle to spend like millions on a film, I am probably going to go bankrupt on account of robbery.

We should discuss your character, Fadeyi Oloro. What is its great and awful side?

Obviously, acting is my obsession is as yet my enthusiasm. The great part is that it gave me name, cash and acclaim. Furthermore, I was additionally ready to instruct individuals that being underhanded doesn't regard mankind. The character came to put when I acted the job of Fadeyi Oloro in the mainstream Jimoh Aliu's TV creation, 'Yanpon Yanrin.' He was my lord. The character is really the account of a man in the place where he grew up in Oke Mesi, who was mainstream for his fiendish demonstrations. One of his demonstrations was setting off to the hedge to pooh, and at whatever point he is returning or going, and ventures on anyone's pooh, he would pack it bring it home and sprinkle fascinate on it and the individual would pass on. Everything he did was to disclose to me the tale of the man and I put in more endeavors by bringing it into life and that was the means by which the name stuck till date. One terrible part was during the 80s, when a few fans tore my fabric at Mushin, as a result of my character supposing I am a mischievous individual. I am a Christian. I go to Cherubim and Seraphim at Abule Egba, Divine Parish. If not that I am wiped out, amid the week I probably won't have room schedule-wise to go to support, however Sundays I don't miss administration. I have had a young fellow in my congregation puzzled in light of the fact that he could hardly imagine how I was in a congregation. It took him like a moment, before he could talk. I am just utilizing my character in films to educate, which is likewise my calling.

As a socialite, what number of spouses did you have and what number of are with you by and by?

I don't have in excess of a spouse.

It is safe to say that you are stating you have been hitched to one lady for your entire life?

No, I have hitched other ladies, yet they more often than not abandon me. Be that as it may, I am pleased with only one who had youngsters for me.

For what reason did they leave?

I don't have the foggiest idea why they left.

Educate us concerning your outfits, who isn't that right?

I do my canvas and outfit myself. We are talking unreservedly with one another at this point. Be that as it may, in the event that I pardon myself and request that you give me some time, when I go in and return, you will flee. I should be the one to get back to you, that it is as yet a similar individual that pardoned himself. That is what is being known as an expert. The character has completed a lot for me, as an on-screen character. A great many people don't know my name. Some of the time I challenge them at whatever point they call me Fadeyi Oloro. When I put on my ensemble, I am someone else.

Do you intend to come back to acting when you completely recuperate?

I have not stopped acting. As I am currently, not having the option to walk, in the event that I have individuals call me and state I don't have to stroll about, I will happily put on my ensemble and get into character.

We are yet to see anyone take up your character since your nonattendance?

It is God's blessing. On the off chance that I am returning again and it will be my very own creation. I won't go under any gathering. It will be an individual creation and will tell individuals I am back once more. I am not dead. This I accept will pull more group.

What amount would you say you are taking a gander at for you treatment?

Regardless of whether I am given a million, I can't generally say this is the sum I need. The call I got a few minutes prior is from a specialist who is based abroad and directly in Nigeria. He said he is in Osun State right now, yet will send me a message to go to an emergency clinic in Ogun State. He solicited what the reason from my infection is and I said tuberculosis, which can cause a mess of different things. What's more, I got some information about the cost, he said I ought to disregard cash for the time being and go there first. He said I ought to disregard the past treatment that they should start from the very beginning once more. That they will treat me until I am in a good place again and afterward cash can be talked about.

What is your desire?

I need individuals to stand up and help me since I need assistance. I don't need individuals to go to my grave when I am no more and come and be crying. It is since they should turned out and help me monetarily in light of the fact that I need to be in a good place again. I have far to go in this industry.

Am Happy Naira Marley Was Arrested – Ruggedman

I Am Happy Naira Marley Was Arrested - Ruggedman ridicules him 

Ruggedman in a meeting at City FM, unveiled that he was upbeat Naira Marley was captured in light of the fact that the 'Am I a yahoo kid' vocalist played himself. As per the veteran artist, he was hoping to see the artist's supporters at the EFCC office to blast him out however he never observed any. 
Ruggedman who revealed that he was glad that Naira Marley was captured, further uncovered that he played himself by advancing what everybody have been battling against. The rapper who noticed that an EFCC fight isn't what one pulls from effectively, said Naira Marley got a portion of rude awakening. 
Ruggedman further expressed that the capture will tell other cybercrime dissident that the specialists are viewing.
Here is the video below;

Church in Abia expels two homosexual priests

The Arochukwu/Ohafia Diocese of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) in Abia State has expelled two clerics for enjoying homosexuality.

A letter entitled: "Notice of expulsion from service", dated April 29, 2019, and marked by Bishop of the Diocese, The Rt. Rev. Johnson Onuoha, flowed to all ecclesiastical overseers and ministers of the congregation said an examination by the ward, after it got wind of the charge, affirmed that the two men were neck-somewhere down in the demonstration.

The reminder which was likewise replicated to the Metropolitan and Primate of All Nigeria and Bishop of Abuja, The Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, cautioned any people managing the removed priests to be careful all things considered could gouge the picture of the congregation.

The letter read to some extent: "We wish to illuminate you that the accompanying church have been expelled from the see of Arochukwu/Ohafia. They are Rev. Chukwuemeka Duru and Rev. Solomon Chukwuzubelu Okonkwo.

"The report got to us that they were enjoyed the demonstration of homosexuality. We researched and discovered them blameworthy of such allegation. We were left with no choice than to pull back their letters of request (licenses and testaments of appointment) and rejected them from the service.

"Subsequently, anybody managing these people should step with consideration in that capacity can drag the picture of the congregation to the mud."

At the point when Sunday Sun called the Cathedral of All Saints Ugwuavo, Arochukwu on phone, yesterday, a secretariat staff who wished not to be referenced affirmed the episode.

"Indeed. We heard such thing, explored and affirmed it. Along these lines, we demonstrated to them the exit plan. It's not really expected to originated from me, yet the religious administrator. What you heard is valid; there's something to that effect," he said.

EFCC gives reasons for arresting Naira Marley

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has clarified why it captured prevalent vocalist Afeez Fashola otherwise known as Naira Marley today Friday, May tenth.

Affirming his capture, the acting EFCC representative, Tony Orilade, in a meeting with Punch, said

"Truly, he is with us. He's not by any means the only individual; he had some different people additionally captured close by (him). They were captured in connection to propel expense extortion — Internet-related cases what not. Give me a brief period and I will get you the subtleties."

Naira Marley made news couple of weeks back after he freely embraced Internet fraudsters otherwise called Yahoo young men.

If there is power outage of 2weeks, don’t pay bill – NERC

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) on Friday said that the Meter Asset Provider (MAP) guideline has ceased the power Distribution Companies from gathering vitality and administration charges following two weeks of intensity blackout. 

Its executive, Prof. James Momoh, broke the news at the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) dispatch of the MAP in Abuja. 

He said the guideline was structured in a way that sees the customer as the lord in the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) esteem chain. 

The client, he stated, is required to have the best administrations he can have. 

As per him: "Due dates were given in the guideline to the DisCos, even the commission with the goal that we don't postpone so the clients get the administration at the time that it is required. 

"For example, if a meter is going to be introduced, it must be introduced inside 10 days of making installment. There will be approvals of that due date isn't met. 

"Number two, to guarantee there will be endorse, the MAP has been approached to give a bank execution ensure that will be called upon. So they will lose cash in the event that they delay in giving the meters even by one day. 

"Number two, if the meters get awful, they will be supplanted by the MAP with no installment for the whole ten years time frame. On the off chance that the meters don't work they should be supplanted inside two days, in the event that they are not supplanted inside two days, the client won't make the month to month clients administration charge installment. That installment will be seized. 

"Another piece of the guideline is that if there is a drawn out blackout and they are out of power for a considerable length of time, notwithstanding other measure that the commission is taking to address those sort of situations, the client won't pay for the meter administration charge and won't pay for the power if there is blackout for over about fourteen days." 

Posting the goal of the guideline, Momoh said the principal significant goal is the expulsion of assessed charging so as to evacuate the debates around it. 

He included: "The clients are glad to make the installment. The second issue is income confirmation, upbeat clients will pay. 

"Nigerians are eager to pay for the administrations they can get so that there will be income affirmation and that will affect on the business in general. Right now, the incomes in the business are not adequate to empower ventures and better administrations. Along these lines, it resembles an endless loop and this metering is planned to address that issue." 

Talking, the AEDC Managing Director, Engr. Ernest Mupwaya, uncovered that through and through the organization has wanted to meet the clients in its establishment territories with 900,000 meters. 

He said that remembering that the clients would expand, the meter merchants would likewise cook for their metering. 

He stated: "On the whole, 900,000 traditions have been booked for metering in AEDC establishment region in the primary example. Being a moving target, we know that the number may increment and as it does, the merchants will take them along." 

The delegate of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Council, Omajo Nwachukwu, cautioned the gatherings not to bargain the procedure in the execution of the guideline. 

She demanded that clients that are not happy with purchasing their meters with credits from the business banks ought to be permitted to buy them straightforwardly from the Meter Assets Providers.

Kemi Olounloyo Exposes Davido’s Babymama, Amanda For Stealing

Kemi Olounloyo Exposes Davido's Babymama,Amanda For Stealing

Kemi Olunloyo took to her Instagram page to uncover Davido's babymama, Amada for supposedly shoplifting.

She shared a photograph of Amanda after a supposed capture and furthermore uncovered her full name… .

She composed:

"These are open records. A large number of you don't have the foggiest idea about Davido's babymama's name. Ask more!! Insightful!! Her name isn't AMANDA. It's Hermadine Samlan. On the off chance that anything Hermadine Adeleke cos they furtively wedded as I revealed a year ago. She was secured okay with shoplifting 2011 and was fortified out at $1305.

"I will secure the subtleties of the capture here. It's on YouTube. I don't see how you pursue superstars and don't know the last names of their accomplices. Davido and Hermadine met on Instagram in the DM. She is otherwise called #MamaHailey. Davido opened a nail salon for her in the Atlanta territory.




Police Receive List Of Animals To Sacrifice For Detaining Chief Priest In Benin

The capture and detainment of a Chief cleric in Edo, The Chief Priest of Okhuaihe place of worship, Osarodion Usuanlele, the Ohen N' Ukoni Neyedo, at the Edo Police base camp in Benin City, has caused disorder in the antiquated city.

In a report by The Nation, with the minister's confinement, an age-long custom which says the Ohen N' Ukoni does not enter Benin, the dwelling place the Oba, had been befouled.

Therefore, three puppies were butchered as penances were completed close to the police central station before the main cleric was discharged.

Moreover, a rundown of different things has been given to the police for purging penance the land.

The things incorporate 14 local bovines, tortoise, sheep, goats, cocks, among others.

It was additionally accumulated that the convention was begun in the fifteenth century by Oba Ewuare the extraordinary.

The main cleric's holy place is situated at Evbiekoi, in Uhunwode Local Government Area, and as a component of royal celebration ceremonies, he would have a representative grapple with the Crown Prince. Them two would go inverse ways, never to see each other again, when the Crown Prince turns into the Oba.

Inconvenience began a week ago when agents of the counter cultism unit raged Evbiekoi people group following on a request by John Elvis (otherwise known as Atekha), an ex-authority of the restricted Community Development Association (CDA), The Nation reports.

Preparation journalists on the episode, Secretary of Evbiekoi people group, Chief Paul Ajayi stated: "The policemen shot sporadically and demanded taking Chief Priest Usunalele to Benin City, regardless of requests that the man does not enter Benin or he would bite the dust.

"An unusual and puzzling storm, joined by vicious breeze, thunder and lightning, were a piece of the indications of despoiling.

"The Oba got the indications of befouling and nearness of Ohen N' UKoni, and sent emissaries to the Police Commissioner, Danmallam Abubakar, subsequent to affirming that the Chief Priest was in Benin."

In the interim, the Police Commissioner, Dan has requested policemen associated with the capture of Ohen N'Ukoni to be confined to alleviate rising strains in Benin as different youth bunches are supposedly getting ready to cause disorder over the supposed contamination of the Benin culture

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Being a prostitute is not a crime – Nse Ikpe-Etim

Following the illicit confinement of certain ladies, whom the police labeled as whores, by cops after an attack on an Abuja night club, there has been an uprising of female activists and women's activists alike, chiding such capture. 

Nollywood on-screen character Nse Ikpe-Etim has additionally denounced the supposed inappropriate behavior of the ladies, while they were in police guardianship. 

She unveiled this on Saturday amid an occasion she facilitated with her fans at the occasion, labeled, 'Discussion with Nse' which occurred in Lekki, Lagos. 

As indicated by The Nation, while relating on the occurrence, the on-screen character said that, "Being a whore isn't a wrongdoing. It is work they picked." 

The Federal Capital Territory Police Command said it will test the charges of rape against its men and rebuff those discovered failing. 

On April 27, policemen appended to the FCTA Joint Task Team captured 34 female strippers at Caramelo night club in Abuja and marked them as whores. Around 70 other ladies were captured in different clubs. Summoned under the steady gaze of a portable court, the ladies were allowed abandon April 29. 

The ladies affirmed some policemen coerced them, beat them and explicitly attacked them after they captured and kept at Utako Police Division between April 26 April 29, 2019. They additionally blamed the policemen for discharging the individuals who paid off them with cash.

Nigerians react as “Forbes names Yusuf Buhari as 4th richest child of a sitting president”

Nigerians have taken to Twitter to respond to the news that President Muhammadu Buhari's child, Yusuf Buhari has been named by Forbes as the fourth most extravagant offspring of a sitting president with a total assets of $2.3bn US dollars. 

The news which is clear phony has been slanting on news stages as a straightforward pursuit of the watchwords "Yusuf Buhari" didn't yield those outcomes. This is the reason a few Nigerians have taken to Twitter to "kill" the individuals who trusted the news and have been sharing it, different online life stages.

See reactions

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