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Over the years, we have been struggling to keep the service of our website on the run for free until this moment.  Our  generated revenue from Ads has not been enough/sufficient to make the necessary pay to keep our website up and running

To this end, we have decided to try crowdfunding. A little donation from our willing visitors, which includes YOU

Your donations keep our service  freely available to everyone. Please help us keep Ariyabaze Growing.

How do i donate?

At this time, we have the following available accounts. 

  1. PayPal (Click HERE)

  2. Bitcoin Wallet (1NJbYqfvoc6LnHr1f8NwKvdD38g5XvXSqa)

  3. Polaris Bank : 3026367158 . Adedapo Michael Ademola (Nigeria Only)


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