Please Don't Eat Garden Egg if you Have any of These Medical Conditions.


Garden egg is a common edible African fruit. It has many other uses and can be used as a spice when cooking. It provides its consumers with a very wide range of health benefits and it possesses benefits that are beneficial for a healthy heart. It is also rich in fibre, a very essential nutrient that stimulates easy bowel movement.

Regardless of the aforementioned health benefits, garden egg can become a curse from a blessing if taken when you have these three medical conditions.

Stomach Ulcer- This is painful damage to the lining of the stomach. It is not advisable to consume garden egg if you have it.

Diabetes- A metabolic disease due to excessive blood sugar. Avoid consuming garden egg if you have it.

Indigestion- This is discomfort in the lower abdomen.

Eating garden egg when you have diabetes is not as bad as the other two but it can contribute to hypoglycemia, a low level of sugar in the blood. Please contact your medical doctor for advice. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Patients with stomach ulcer and indigestion should avoid garden egg at all cost. It is not ideal for people with these conditions because of its high fibre content.


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