[Music Lyrics ] Revelation Tharapman - Legacy

Nigerian Rapper Revelation Tharapman comes out again with new style new bars and new song and this one is titled "LEGACY". 

Text Ref: AQ...    

Check out Lyrics for  “Revelation Tharapman - Legacy ” below:-


I want that modenine legacy that M.I legacy
that AQ legacy jay n z legacy
eminem legacy flow with the love and passion
am about to rap camera rolling nd action


Talk about rev lemme talk about myself
am addicted to rap lyrics pile up on my shelf
mama thought i was a math wiz am always with my pen
for every friday night battle when i hang out with my friend
mehn i never lost a battle and i dont know about you
heavenly sent evangelising rap like matthew
mark luke john thomas stephen n paul
with the right lines i spit ive been killing em all
i was known for turning every competition to a bloodbath
holyfield in the game knock you down even in comebacks
mama knew i flow on the mic like a broken faucet
plus the way i kill every murder case am a suspect.

Daddy buzz me up ask me what i wanna be
then i giggle and smile told him i wanna flow on beat
mehn he cut me off like what is that supposed to mean
dont you wanna be like bezos better come up with hopeful dreams
brokenly went back to sleep and saw myself on the big stage
dj khaled in charge of songs and he's playing my mixtape
i was dropping bars and eminem was backing up too
feeling energetic on the mic like macklemore do
smiling when i woke convinced myself its not a joke
all i need do is grab my pen and write my lines like am supposed
SO just so you know n bro just so you know
this hiphop aint dead he lives in me like holy ghost

Anger bottled up inside me i wanna speak the truth
with the fire that i spit mehn am scared to rip the roof
study life from school of hard knocks now i feel improved
its all mutual feeling now, you're feeling me am feeling you
n talking about school me choosing futa is cool
met mackay jawn dave veebabs isybabs too
mackay with the motivating words isy thought me puchlines
dave and jawn taught me how to sing while i burst rhymes
shoutout to ojo emmanuel he put me through MTS
when i had exam but my brain filled with emptiness
rap addict ill skip exam to reharse
i wanna feel respected when youre jamming the verse (so when i die I'll be a gem in the hearse)
yes,you dont know me definition of real dope 
i steal shows and kill shows i rule your world and still glow
make others bow to me like am the real boss
ask big shaq i bet he knows how the thing go 
my deep darks secret is the peace of mind i get
and i dont need to pop percocet to crack a better verse
when i come at you like look its better you understand 
that am a king nd you'll bend to my will like a rubberman


I want that modenine legacy that M.I legacy
that AQ legacy nd jay z legacy
eminem legacy flow with the love and passion
am about to rap camera rolling nd action


Its about time to take step to make sense
for a high price or a plane jet cos i aint dense
get a new scope and drop the ones i play back
cos when its june i cant get my mayback.

no bad feeling but i dont wanna be a doctor
Arthur Rev i write fire with my pen thats pendragon
support my rap cos all my raps are bandwagon  
and yall know i spit fire like dragon.


am just trying  to live my life right
stay cool and stay upright to act right
i just want a simple life, a couple cars probably two mansions
take care of my family and my loved ones..thats all..

am coming for that spot mehn it's about to be taken ...cos This is real rap,
 this is how its supposed to be

.. Revelation On this one...oya lizen!!! 


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