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Wednesday, October 03, 2018

21 Amazing Ways to Love Your Woman - (A Funny Fact)

21 Amazing Ways to Love Your Woman

1. Play with her br3asts, don’t play with her heart.

2. Open up her heart, don’t open up her old wounds.

3. Keep her secrets, don’t keep secrets from her.

4. Beat up her problems, don’t beat her up.

5. Help her to make good judgements, don’t judge her.

6. Spread her legs alone, don’t spread s3xual diseases to her.

7. Fool around with her, don’t make a fool out of her.

8. Laugh with her, don’t laugh at her.

9. Suck her nippl3s, don’t suck life and joy out of her.

10. Make her scr3am in bed when making love, don’t make her scream out of frustration and depression.

11. Silence her storms and battles, don’t silence her voice and opinions.

12. Make her m0an in pleasure, don’t make her mourn the death of your love.

13. Relieve her stress, don’t give her stress.

14. Spank her b*tt cheek, don’t slap her face cheek.

15. Surprise her with gifts, don’t surprise her with lies.

16. Make her w3t between her legs, don’t make her eyes wet with tears.

17. Be by her side, don’t sideline her.

18. Make love to her dogg1e style, don’t be a dog that cheats on her.

19. Make other women jealous of her by how you love her, don’t make her jealous.

20. Keep a record of all the good she deliberately does daily, not the wrong she unintentionally does occasionally.

21. Don’t insult her stretchmarks, stretch her vision so that she leaves a positive mark on earth.

What do guys think? Making sense or not? Comment below

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