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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Nigerian man Explains what his mother did after she caught him ma$turbating

Nigerian man reveals what his mother did after she caught him ma$turbating

A Twitter user has taken to the platform to reveal the hilarious conversation he had with his mother after she caught him ma$turbating.
According to the young man, his mom caught him ma$turbating and advised him to go an marry before he will end up raping female folks on the family.
@dammie_king wrote:
“Afterround of Ma$turbating & i heard my mom voice behind D window tellin me…why dont u go & marry, cause you will end up raping us 1 day”

Man catches cheating wife & lover after trailing her to their s3x spot (Video)

Man catches cheating wife & lover after trailing her to their s3x spot (Video)
A cheating wife was caught red handed after being trailed by her own husband. It was gathered that the married woman has been having an affa!r with another man in Karonga District of Malawi, without the husband’s being suspicious.
According to reports, some of the husband’s friends tipped him off about his wife’s affa!r and told him where she often meets with her lover. It was revealed that the cheating couple used to have s*x at a friend’s house in the area.

Yesterday, the wife sneaked out to have s*x with her lover not knowing she was followed. They waited for some minutes and were starting the action when the husband and his friends banged into the room and caught them red handed.
The husband and his friends beat the woman’s lover as they dragged both of them in public to hum!liate them.
The incident happened around 3.00 pm on Monday, 11 February 2019 (yesterday).
Watch the video of the incident below.

“If we want to catch up with the changing trends, we have to wear seduct!ve dresses”– Ghanaian singer (Photos)

Ghanaian singer, Sista Afia has stated that she sees nothing wrong in wearing seduct!ve dresses as an entertainer. She made this statement in response to Akosua Agypong who slammed female celebrities who wear clothes that reveal too much flesh. According to her, their managers are to blame.

Speaking in Hitz FM, Akosua Agypong said:

“The funny thing is those dresses do not make the popularity last. Because if you don’t respect yourself, no one will respect you.”

Reacting to her statement, Sista Afia says her manager has no much say concerning her dress code.

“I can wear something to perform but he’ll let the stylist put more covering to it. I’m a performer, its all part of it. So we shouldn’t wear seduct!ve dresses,.

“We have moved beyond the era where people wear things to cover up all in the name of appearing decent.

“We are not in those ages no more, this is like a different era, a different breeze. If we want to catch up [to the changing trends of the society] there are so many things we have a lot to do.”

Monkey kidnaps 2-year-old boy from his home so he could have someone to play with (Video)

Monkey kidnaps 2-year-old boy from his home so he could have someone to play with (Video)
A monkey kidnapped a two-year-old boy from his home in India so it could have someone to play with and it refused to give the boy back to his family.

In a video shared online, the monkey can be seen playing with the boy by the roadside. The monkey is seen at a point trying to remove something from the child’s hair.
A woman sees the baby and can be seen approaching to save the baby, but the monkey hugs the baby repeatedly and refuses to let it go.
As the woman tried to take the child, the monkey hugged the boy and refused to let the woman take him along with her. When the woman saw that her attempts to retrieve the boy from the primate wasn’t working, she retreated to assess her options.

The baby is thought to have been taken from a house in Haryana, India. There have been other incidents of babies being stolen by monkeys in India.
In another incident, a monkey entered a house in India and pinned a baby on the floor as family members of the child confronted it and prevented it from fleeing with the child.
The monkey tried to escape with the child several times but members of the family circled it and aborted its plans. Also, last year, a newborn baby was found drowned in a well after being snatched away by a monkey.
The monkey had mistakenly dropped the baby in the well as it slipped out of the hands of the ape and fell into the well.
Watch the video below:

Man wrongly accused of being a thief burnt to death in Lagos (Video)

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to narrate how her colleague, identified as Temitope Adeoye a.k.a Sodiq, was allegedly burnt to death after he was wrongly accused of being a thief in Lagos state.
According to the young lady, said that Sodiq had just gotten to his bus-stop and was about to pay the motorcycle that will take him home when some boys in the area started shouting thief and pointing at him.
As he attempted to clarify himself, he was roughhandled, beaten up, stabbed and then set ablaze. He left behind a pregnant girlfriend.
”This is the picture of TEMITOPE ADEOYE,his Facebook handle is (A KAN JI) he is my colleague at work apapa tincan island port, was coming from work when someone people point him as thief he was burn to death instantly his mother died last December and his girlfriend is heavily pregnant pls justice sodique justice for his family it happened last night along cele ijesha road
In another post, the heartbreaken colleague of the deceased wrote
”His name is SODIQ he is a clearing agent at apapa tincan island port he was going home last nite along cele ijesha road he dropped to pay the bike man when some guys out of nowhere started shouting thief thief thief he ran that he is not a thief but they caught him and started beating stabbing him till he was tired to move they remove his wristwatch his two phones and they set him on fire the fellow colleague went to ijesha police station to report but nothing was done the friend that escape went to report but they detain him and transfer him to panti in yaba he was burnt to ashes and nothing was done till two of the criminals went to the station to report and they found his wristwatch and phone on them they are still at panti pls help repost till the Nigerian police will see this we want Justice for SODIQ
Watch a video she shared showing the charred remains of Temitope below;
Video Player

[Video] Oladips – African Beauty

LRR Crown prince, Oladips came on board with the visuals to his new smashing hit single dubbed “African Beauty“.
The simplicity visuals record came out intriguing and very appealing to the eyes. You sure want to Oladips do the lovey dovey thingy in this one.
Sitback and Enjoy the new clip from the LRR stable.

Listen & Download “Oladips – African Beauty” below:-

10 Things Nigerian Girls Say Instead Of “I Love You”

If you are looking for this hardest and proudest set of girls in this world.. Don’t stress at all, Just come to Nigeria.
Queens of Faking full here die.. Naija girls will hardly come out straight to you even if they can’t do without you, but they hardly accept the fact.
I did my research and I came up with different 10 words Nigerian girls mostly used when they express their love to you codedly.
My Brothers! you need this code in other to survive this Battle of Nigerian Girls.
Below are the 10 ways Nigerian Girls say their “I Love You“;

1. “Ode” (Fool)

When Naija Girls call you “Ode” It’s not an insult, it’s actually a Nigerian girl’s way of flirting with you.
If you like go vex one kind mumu vex, you just throw away a prospective babe!

2. ” I Don’t Want Your Girlfriend To Come And Break My Head O!”

This is just her way of asking if you have a girlfriend. If you gawk it my Bro, you are On Your Own Oooo!
Better be guided! Anytime the question come, just be like “Shey you dey whine me ni, Which Mumu Girl” even when you have one, that should be your

3. ‘Is There Light In Your House?’

This means they want to come over to your house and hang out, but they’re looking for an excuse.
And only the sharp guys can make that smart move. Better say there’s light even if you don’t have transformer in your area yet!

4. “Big Head! Go Joor!”

Sometimes, instead of calling you ‘Ode’, they’ll use ‘Big Head’ as a term of endearment.
If she tell me Go Joor, my d!ck go stand because it knows what’s up for grab. You heard it here first Bro!

5. “You Can’t Even Call Somebody”

This one is code for ‘I miss you’. Never sleep on it Bro, anytime she brings that up, always accept the fault and say you’re sorry in a romantic way.
Even if you ain’t sorry, but that’s what she needs to hear as at that time.. So play along, it might opens a better way in the nearest future (Next Day)

6. ‘Go Away Jare’

If you know what’s good for you, better stay. Nigerian girls are the queens of reverse psychology.
If you just go like this, when she Go Away Jooor.. My bro just be going, don’t come back, that’s the end of it.

7. “Won’t You Come And Take Me Out?”

Her way of saying, ‘when are we going on a date? If you small change with you, Bro invite her for a date, Na small trip she need that time.
She asked for the date, you didn’t beg for it.. If your game is tight, you can have a stop over at your place if it’s a stone throw.

8. ‘You Just Forgot About Me’

Another way of saying ‘ I miss you’. Always claim you never did once this allegation came in.
Just back it up with you trying to sort out one or two things, then she believes you have a dream, even when all your sorting out his Betslip Code and How to Book game for weekend league games.

9. “Olodo”

In the Nigerian Girls dictionary “Olodo” is the synonyms of ” My Baby“. If she calls you Olodo, just you getting there.
Better don’t take it personal and tongue out with a big grin on your cheek. I warned ooo.

10. “I Hate You”

If she says this, then she’s head over heels in love with you. Even though this one is quite casted, It just make sense making the List, for the younger ones.
I Hate You Always Means ” I Love You
I hope you’ve learned something new today from this OT list from Naijaloaded.
So Guys 👇

Which Other Things Do You Think Naija Girls Used Instead Of I Love You?

Share With us, Let’s learn too..
God Bless You As You Share In The Comment Box!

Culled from Naijaloaded..

3 Fundamental Steps For Getting Married

Your life changes into a new phase the moment you make the decision to get married. Married life comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.
I am not going to dwell on the pros and cons of marriage. But I need you to know that marriage requires a lot of sacrifices from both parties involved. And that the benefits are far higher than the disadvantages.
My concern in this article is to highlight 3 important and critical steps that are necessary when moving from bachelorhood to marriage life.
Trust me, there are a lot of steps involved in the process of getting married but I have put together in this article three fundamental steps that are crucial and necessary.
Sit back and Enjoy the flow with us;

1. Move Out Of Your Parents’ House

This is a brutal fact that shouldn’t be polished. You should consider moving out of your parents’ or family house the very moment you decide to get married.
Starting your own family require that you should have some basic home appliances. Ranging from furniture, kitchen utensils and other basic items.
From experience, staying with your parents have a way of discouraging you from buying personal properties needed to start life.
The financial burden being placed on you by your family can be overbearing especially when you are staying with them.
Sometimes they depend solely on you that they may not want to engage themselves in any money making venture simply because they know that you are always there to provide their needs.
Staying alone also help you to know your true financial capabilities. It helps you to know if you can be able to bring in someone into your life and at the same time pay the person’s bills.

2. Prepare Yourself

Never make the mistake of dabbling into marriage with any form of preparation. I am sure that you wouldn’t want to call it a quit after a few months of getting married.
Getting married requires some level of preparations. It could be emotionally, spiritually and even financially.
Read books or consult marriage counselors to help guide you make the right decisions ahead of marriage.
I recommend you read this book: Things I wish I’d Known Before We Got Married by Gary Chapman.

3. Start A Relationship

Gone are those days when out of nowhere our parents will just spring up with a woman for us to marry. Nowadays, we make our choices and we live with it whether good or bad.
Being in a relationship gives you the opportunity to get to know the person before making the decision to settle down with the woman or not.
I know that we have to work hard to make ourselves financially capable to handle marriage expenditures. But we shouldn’t get so busy to the extent that there wouldn’t be time to get to meet and know the right life partner.
The long and short is that having a relationship avails you the window to evaluate your compatibility with your future partner if carefully utilized.
Lastly, never go into a relationship with a woman with the hope of marrying her. Instead, start off with an open mind.
Having an open mind will help you to see both the good and bad side of her and guide you into making an unbiased decision.

5 Life Lessons From PES And FIFA You Can Use To Succeed In 2019

PES and FIFA are everyone’s top two choices when it comes to video games. However, these games are always hard especially when you are facing an experienced opponent.
But wait, do you guys know from these games we see as fun, there are actually life lessons embedded in them that we can learn from them?
Don’t know, but here are five life lessons from these video games you can use to get ahead in 2019.

1. Learn To Take Your Chances As They May Be Crucial

When playing either of PES or FIFA, you’re not always presented with host of chances especially if your opponent is very experienced. It’s the same thing with life, life doesn’t give you several shots at goal to succeed, sometimes, you just need a shot on target to make a win.

2. Always Make Changes

What do you do at first when a player is weak or injured or when you are losing to an opponent? Make a substitution to see if it will change the game.
In life, it come to a point when your plans and strategies stop working, it’s a signal indicating you to make a change. The people who are prosperous in life are always known to make changes.

3. If At First You Don’t Win, Don’t Stop, Try Again

Many atimes when playing with a friend we’ve always lost or who remembers when we played our first game on PES or FIFA especially against a well experienced friend? How was the bashing? 7-0? 13-1? Did you stop? Didn’t you request for a rematch?
Same thing with life or your business. If at first you don’t win, you don’t stop, go harder, strategise, change the formation. One day, you’ll surely win.

4. Be Courageous

This applies to those times in Winning Eleven 8 when they tell you, outside shots doesn’t score a goal. Lol, have you tried using Brazil and choosing either of Emerson or Gilberto Silva to play those shots.
Life also presents his own illusions. You can’t succeed with this method. People will tell you, this business is risky, people have always failed. Those who win in life are those who are willing to take the risk against all odds.

5. Take A Break

The half time situations in PES and FIFA are there for a reason. It’s for the players to rest, chill, go back to the drawing board, analyse what they’ve done wrong and effect a change.
You have the same option in life too. Take a break from the stress once in a while, recharge your batteries, read some books and case studies, analyse the current situation. It’s your life, does not belong to anyone else.
So guys, it’s a wrap from us. You deserve to success. You deserve to win. No one was born a loser. In you is embedded countless potentials and ideas for you to succeed. One day, your life will become a case study for people to analyse.
But it won’t happen until you start doing all what you dream about.

11 Mistakes You Should Never Make After A Breakup

Breakup is painful experience. In fact, it is not something you should wish for your enemy let alone close friend. However, when it happens, you will have to move on.
While they are several causes of breakup in a relationship, lack of respect and proper communication are the commonest reasons people breakup these days.
Well, you may want to argue about cheating, but they all bore down to lack of respect. Afterall, there is no way you can cheat on your partner if you respect he or she.
In this article, you will learn about the 11 terrible mistakes you should never make after a breakup. If you can avoid these mistakes, you are less likely to be in depression when your partner breakup with you.

1. Contacting Your Ex Immediately After The Breakup

Trying to contact your ex immediately after a breakup is one of the terrible mistakes that you should never make. When your partner breakup with you, try as much as possible to give space.
In fact, try not to reach out in the next 30 to 60 days. This will enable you to cope with the unnecessary feelings that come with it. But when you try contacting an ex immediately after a breakup, it is always very messy.
Sometimes, they make you feel so inconsequential that you feel like committing suicide. However, when you try to blank them out after the breakup, you tend to heal from the heart break easily.

2. Don’t Communicate With Your Ex More Than Necessary

Sometimes it is almost impossible to stop contacting your ex completely. Again, it depends on the circumstances surrounding the breakup.
If it becomes necessary to communicate with your ex, be very moderate about it. Otherwise, it may affect your new relationship, especially if your partner isn’t comfortable with it.
Constant communication with your ex is likely going to ignite the feelings you guys had before. This could be unhealthy especially if both of you are in new relationship.
Silence is still preferable during the early stage of breakup. When it becomes necessary to reach out with your ex, be very brief, direct and formal.

3. Try As Much As Possible To Avoid Your Ex

One of the terrible mistakes people make after breakup is not avoiding their ex after breakup. As a rule, try to avoid your ex in real world. Avoid going to places where you are likely to bump into your ex.
If you are in the same city with your ex, it is actually advisable to leave the city for sometimes. Take a short vacation, this will hasten your healing process.
However, if you finally bump into each other, try to be very nice, police and act formally. No hard feelings, don’t allow your emotions to make you look stupid.

4. Not Taking Good Care Of Yourself

Most people tend to neglect themselves during breakup. Don’t do this, it is only a breakup and not the end of the world. Remember, they are several fishes in the River, all you need is to set your hook and line properly.
So, while going through a breakup, don’t forget to take good care of yourself. This is one of the terrible mistakes you should never make after a breakup. Try to take care of yourself mentally and physically.
Eat well, sleep well, get hydrated, do little workout, more importantly, go out and have fun.
Little things like this will invigorate you and make you recover quickly from the heart break.

5. Going Through Your Ex Social Media Is Not A Good Idea

Going through your Ex’s social media will only increase your pain. Going through their feed will only remind you of the memory you shared together.
So, it is advisable to stay away from their social media as you will only pick up some emotional wound by going through their feeds.
Relationship experts always advice that you stay off social media in the first few days of breakup. This will enable you to be stable mentally and emotionally.
However, if you can’t stay offline for a while, then unfriend or unfollow your friend on social media. This may be difficult, but its what you have to do.

6. Don’t Be A Close Friend To Your Ex

There is a dangerous trend going on in the society now. You hear some ladies saying “He is my ex and we are just friend”.
Are you kidding me right now? How is it possible to be just friend to your ex? What happens to Okafor law? You can communicate casually with your ex, but it is a bad idea to befriend him.
It could affect your current relationship, especially if your new partner is a jealous type. Take your Ex as your past and move on with your life.

7. Don’t Allow Your Past Relationship To Define You

I wonder why some people will allow their past relationship to define them. Moving on is one of the best things you can do for yourself after a breakup.
You will agree with me that it is very frustrating and sometimes difficult to stop thinking about your ex. But as part of the recovering process, you need to identify who you are without your ex.
Never allow your experience in your past relationship define who you become. Work on your self confidence and strive towards becoming a better you.

8. Don’t Start A New Relationship Immediately

It is foolhardy to start a new relationship immediately after a breakup. Most times, such a relationship doesn’t last. You are basically using your new partner as a rebound to get over your ex.
As a rule, give yourself sometime to heal before you enter a new relationship. This will enable you to be more rational in your decision and make the right choice.
Let me resound it here that using a new relationship to distract yourself is a classic mistake you shouldn’t make at all. Things will always go sour.

9. Don’t Be Too Desperate To Win Back Your Ex

Desperation is never a solution to a broken relationship. In fact, it is always counter productive. Sometimes, when your attempt to win back your ex is abortive, you tend to be depressed.
So, the best thing for you to do is to take things slowly and keep your fingers cross. Don’t try to press too hard, just let him be and move on with your life.

10. Never Use Drugs Or Alcohol To Cope With Your Pain

The greatest deception is for you to think that using drugs or alcohol will help you cope with your breakup. This will only make things worst for you and turn you into an addict.
Even if using drugs and alcohol will only numb your sadness and pain for a while, it will not help in the long run.

11. Don’t Discuss Your Current Relationship With Your Ex

Irrespective of what you are going through in a relationship, your ex is not the right person to discuss it with. Take note of this, it is one of the most terrible mistakes you should never make after a breakup.
These are the terrible mistakes you should never make after a breakup.
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